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"It was the winter holiday and I was back in Togo having a kickabout with friends when my phone rang.One of the boys answered it and said, 'Manu, it's Arsene for you'. 'Arsene who?' I said. 'Arsene Wenger', he said. 'Get out of it', I said, and grabbed the phone off him. But then I heard the voice. 'Allo'. F*****g hell. It is Arsene Wenger!"
-Emmanuel Adebayor

The Connection: Henry-Barca, Fabregas-Real, Merida-Arsenal, Torres-Newcastle?

I didnt post a lot of stuff while I was bashing that Barcelona blog so here goes. 4 players and 4 clubs. Thierry Henry's link to Barca heats up as British papers seem to take the barcelona blog post seriously, some papers have published it. Fabregas's agent has ruled out any rumours that Real Madrid has approached him in an attempt to sign Cesc Fabregas.

Arsenal sign[atleast i think so] another young kid from Barcelona named Fran Merida. Reports say that Merida was the player called by Arsenal's Official Site, A Trialist and the named linked here. Although, I have not seen proof, many Arsenal blogs have notified that it is true. So all I can say is, if you cant believe an Arsenal fan, who can you believe? OK....moving on, Fernando Torres revealed that as far as he knows, Newcastle are the only side to officially bid for him. Im starting to wonder where the Magpies are getting the money from, did Sir Bobby leave his wallet at Newcastle?

Henry And Barcelona
Martin Lipton of The Mirror is just one of the journalists in England that have published articles that Barcelona have stated that henry is heading to Spain. Whether of not these people know something we dont or they are believers of the FC Barcelona Blog post, I dont know. What I do know is that Henry is currently an Arsenal player, and if what they say is true, Arsenal should take legal action against Barcelona.

Fabregas And Real Madrid
Cesc's agent Joseba Diaz says that he had talked with Real Madrid president, Fernando Martin, but it was regarding a different client of his. Martin has made it clear the he wants to sign one of Arsenal's best players and it was rumoured that he had spoken with Cesc's agent in an attempt to sign the young star. Joseba denied talking to Martin regarding a possible transfer which would see the 18-year-old heading back to Spain, but he did not rule out Cesc heading there in the future, he said: “In order for Cesc to depart Arsenal, there would have to be a very tempting offer on the table not just for the player but also for the club.”

Merida And Arsenal
The A Trialist player that played in Arsenal's friendly match against Brighton is a young Spanish player from Barcelona named Fran Merida. Merida, came on after 60 minutes in Arsenal's 1-0 win over a reserve Brighton team. Merida supposedly shares the same agent as Fabregas which lead to the Gunners signing the teenager. Simon Jones of The Daily Mail has a lot of info on the player, going so far as to saying that the kid had contacted Cesc for advice on life in England, how Simon knew this I dont know...beware though, this link is from October last year!

Torres And Newcastle
According to Atletico Madrid star, Fernando Torres, Newcastle United are the only club to have formally placed a bid for the Spanish striker. He said: "There's always been talk about lots of clubs but I only know about one firm offer and that's from Newcastle because the club confirmed it to me," Torres told The Sun.

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