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"It was the winter holiday and I was back in Togo having a kickabout with friends when my phone rang.One of the boys answered it and said, 'Manu, it's Arsene for you'. 'Arsene who?' I said. 'Arsene Wenger', he said. 'Get out of it', I said, and grabbed the phone off him. But then I heard the voice. 'Allo'. F*****g hell. It is Arsene Wenger!"
-Emmanuel Adebayor

What Can They Bring To The Team? Tevez/Babel/Sagna

Here are my views on the players we are linked to and how they would contribute to the team. We are currently being linked to numerous players but lets just concentrate on the ones that we actually know of and not include the ones we've seen on Youtube. Which means I wont talk about any unknown Nigerian nicknamed Edu, no young teenage sensation only known in the most rural areas of France...none of those.

Obafemi Martins
If we were to sign any striker from Newcastle, Oba would be my choice. He is definitely a good prospect but Arsenal have never been successful with bulky strikers. Baptista can be used as an obvious example. What makes Oba different though is that he is bulky and fast. A combination Arsene has never tried and certainly something I would like to see him try as strikers with speed always seem to prosper at Arsenal.

Michael Owen
Michael would be on every premiership team's shopping list if it were not for his inability to be fit for more than 2 weeks. At £9m, he would be the best choice for a side working on a shoe string budget, like Arsenal. But if the reported £30m Arsene has available is true, he should definitely consider a fitter striker. Owen should not be considered unless we find ourselves in a situation where the transfer deadline is approaching and we still don't have an Henry replacement. His transfer clause makes him the cheapest England player outside the under-17 side so we are guaranteed that his price will not change between now and then. You know the English transfer window is whacked when Owen would cost £9m while Darren Bent joins the Spuds for £16.5m!

Samuel Eto'o
He is not leaving Barcelona. Nuff said.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar
Any player that can score 37 goals in 48 matches is worth a shout. I would be licking my lips if Arsenal were to sign Holland's next big superstar. I actually watch the Dutch league quite a lot and have been an admirer of Huntelaar's ability since his time with Heerenveen. Huntelaar does not take a lot of shots from outside the box but what he will give you is a striker that will be in the six yard box when a cross is delivered. Many consider him to be a similar player to van Nis...(I'm not gonna say his name!) but most people would notice that he is a lot more hard-working and does contribute more than just goals. He can head the ball, he is an excellent finisher, he is quick, not Henry quick but quick enough and he has the 'look' of an Arsenal player.

Ryan Babel
Babel unfortunately is no where near as good as his Ajax team-mate. I know there are lots of gooners out there that fancy this guy but he has a horrible first touch. He is good on the ball and with the right guidance could become world class but he certainly isn't anywhere close to that yet. Although he can play as a striker he is far better suited as a left winger due to his bad first touch. I would love to see him in the red and white but if he wants another season at Ajax, Arsenal should give it to him.

Bakary Sagna
Ok, I havent really seen this guy a lot due to the low quality of the french league. Reviews though say that he is very talented. He is not as good attacking wise compared to full backs we have had in recent times but he is, in the few times i saw him, far better defensively than any of the full backs we have had in recent times. And in a way that is what we need, we were caught out too many times last season on the right side due to Eboue's inability to defend coupled with old or pass-to-opponent friendly RM's in front of him. I would love this transfer to go though simply because I want to see Eboue pushed to RM or RW where I'm sure he will excel. Arsenal have never been known for having good defensive wingers and Eboue most definitely will be no different. He is perfect for the job! He can still deliver all those beautiful crosses but now he doesn't have to worry about his defensive duties.

Carlos Tevez
He rejected Inter for Arsenal? At least we know he has good taste...
Tevez would be a great addition to the squad that is if we dont get Huntelaar. He is in the bulky mould like Oba but with better finishing but less strength. He played most of his life in leagues where skill is everything and flying challenges were unheard of. You could certainly notice when he joined West Ham that despite being big he couldn't get used to the gritty nature of the premiership. He found his footing towards the end of the season and showed why he is a prized asset around Europe. I have my doubts but at a sum close to £30m, Arsenal are not gonna sign him anyway.

To sum up, Huntelaar and Sagna would be welcomed with open arms to the Emirates. Martins should be considered if we cant afford any of the world class strikers on sale. Michael is a last resort. Eto'o will not leave Barcelona now that Henry is there. Babel is one for the future but another season at Ajax should be good for him, perhaps a deal that will see him only join us at the start of the 08/09 season? Tevez is fantastic but at £30m I'm sure we could tempt any top striker from Spain and Italy for much less. Again, this is my views and I don't expect any of you guys to agree with me. Be sure to post your thoughts on these players or any other players you would like to be seen at the club.

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