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"It was the winter holiday and I was back in Togo having a kickabout with friends when my phone rang.One of the boys answered it and said, 'Manu, it's Arsene for you'. 'Arsene who?' I said. 'Arsene Wenger', he said. 'Get out of it', I said, and grabbed the phone off him. But then I heard the voice. 'Allo'. F*****g hell. It is Arsene Wenger!"
-Emmanuel Adebayor

Arsene Who?

Today, Arsene Wenger goes into his 11th year of managing Arsenal Football Club. He turned an Arsenal side that were content in finishing the season in a European spot into a side that MUST win silverware every season. Many managers, current players, past players and people ive never heard of have praised Wenger's influence in the Premiership over the past ten years.

Roy Keane is definately not Wenger's best friend and probably doesnt expect a Christmas card every year from Arsene but he praised Wenger for his contribution to Arsenal, something that Roy Keane wouldnt usually do. He said:
“He has done a brilliant job at Arsenal,”
“I watched them last week against United and they were outstanding. The way they play the game, the way he leads himself — I have to say, the way he keeps his head or he seems to keep his head, even at the start of the season when people were starting to doubt Arsenal, maybe myself being one of them.
“I read something about him the other day and a thing he said about football. He said some people live off football and some people live for football. He clearly lives for the game, I will give him that, and all credit to him.”

Double D was also full of praise for Wenger saying that when the day comes that Wenger decides to hang us his ummm..... whistle, he will always have a job in the boardroom available for him. DD said:
“We want him for the rest of his career,”
“If he wanted to give up the tracksuit he’d be invaluable in the boardroom in a technical role.
“He’s a miracle-worker, turning players into world-class players. Since he’s been here we’ve seen football from another planet.”
“We have a young team and want to continue developing,”
“Reaching the Champions League final last season gave us belief.”

Iain Dowie says that Wenger brought professionalism into English football, eventhough it should have happened a long time before he arrived. He goes on to say that Every manager should aspire to be like 'The Professor'. He said:
"You have to admire Arsene,"
"He wanted to create a totally professional club.
"It (unprofessionalism) is something English football should have addressed earlier and he has been at the forefront of it. People initially don't like it when you change things around and there was a question mark over him for six months.
"The senior players might not have been happy but they would have seen that he would not be turned. He has done a tremendous job. He has been amongst the best, if not the best, in his time here.
"He has a great belief, he has a massive desire to win and to have things done the right way too, which is very important. Arsene Wenger is the epitome of what every manager should aspire to be."

Stuart Pearce says that Arsenal have come on leaps and bounds since Wenger took over at the helm. He talks about how the English players use to rave about him at the England training camp eventhough the first thing he did when he joined Arsenal was to ban drinking before and after games and he changed their 'balanced' diets to some more healthier ones. Pearce said:
"His track record's been fantastic, where Arsenal were to where they are now has come on leaps and bounds,"
"I think how they are perceived in European and world football has come on leaps and bounds.
"I remember the Arsenal players meeting up with the England squad when I was involved there and they raved about him. The Adams' of this world, the Dixon's, Winterburn's, no-one has had a bad word to say about him or his methods.
"He's galvanised a team with a good team spirit and passing wise, for me they are probably the best passing side in the Premiership and have been for the last few years.
"All credit to him, it's a pleasure to have him in England and hopefully for the next ten years."

Wenger though, as usual, never looks too far into the future, saying:
"I believe a manager's job is always the next game and the next game for me is Charlton,"
"I have not got my head at the moment in celebrations. I am much more focused on the next game.
"The best way to celebrate is to win the next game."

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