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"It was the winter holiday and I was back in Togo having a kickabout with friends when my phone rang.One of the boys answered it and said, 'Manu, it's Arsene for you'. 'Arsene who?' I said. 'Arsene Wenger', he said. 'Get out of it', I said, and grabbed the phone off him. But then I heard the voice. 'Allo'. F*****g hell. It is Arsene Wenger!"
-Emmanuel Adebayor

CL Draw: A good draw for us

CL draws are in. Arsenal are in Group G against Porto(POR) from pot 2, CSKA Moscow(RUS) from pot 3 and Hamburg(GER) from pot 4. I think this is a good draw for us. None of the teams will be push-overs, Porto have won the Cl before, CSKA have some experience in Europe and Hamburg did very well in the Bundesliga last season. We should not have any problems against Porto and CSKA but Hamburg are a good side and may be our toughest opposition. And everyone would have laughed when Chelsea got drawn with Barcelona in Group A.

The Reyes saga is becoming just as exciting*rolls eyes* as the Ashley Cole saga as Atletico have offered Arsenal first option if Torres decides to leave the club next season. I dont think it makes a difference though as Atletico have priced him at $40m, which means the 'first option' is useless for us cause we cant afford him anyway.

Freddie has come out and said that Chelsea's loss to Boro has given the rest of the premiership a confidence boost as it proves that Chelsea are beatable(and that all the money in the world still cant help you beat Boro, lol!).

And finally, remember Anelka, that kid....the one that played for us a while back and decided to move to Real Madrid for more $$$. Well, he's joined Bolton.

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